November 7, 2022

Learn how to earn with the NATIX Drive& app

See how the NATIX driving app can give you extra income while making your community a better place

Driving is a part of life. We drive to work, we drive to shop, we drive for family, to see friends, and sometimes we drive just for fun. All this driving adds up and we can see the expenses in car maintenance, fuel, vehicle payments, repairs, and insurance.

Well, what if our daily drives created revenue instead of just costs? The NATIX Drive& app solves this problem while empowering cities with data to improve their roads and communities. The Drive& app allows you to generate revenue by collecting anonymized data as you drive. Go anywhere, collect data with your phone’s camera, and earn cryptocurrency. It’s as easy as that. Here we’ll explain how the app works and how you can use it for some extra income.

What is the Drive& app?

First, let’s start by explaining the app’s purpose and how it generates money. The NATIX Drive& app is a unique app — arguably the first of its kind — that allows any driver, anywhere, to collect anonymized data from his or her surroundings. This data could include the number of vehicles on a roadway, the locations of potholes, or the locations of road debris. For every drive, you receive points that can be exchanged into NTXT tokens (cryptocurrency) or for goods like NATIX merchandise, donations to plant a tree, or for carbon credit. Drivers earn points based on a few factors: the mileage driven, when they detect specific issues like road damage or traffic congestion, and when referring new users to the app.

Using AI and edge computing, the app ensures all data collected is 100 percent anonymized. That means it complies with all privacy laws, and no video or images are ever sent from your phone. Nor does the app send identifying information like license plate numbers or property addresses. The app only sends data. Access to this data is purchased on the NATIX Network, a digital marketplace for real-world, geographic information. City governments might use the data to monitor road conditions, mapping companies to improve services, and real-time mobility services to provide insights, e.g., open parking spots.

Conversion of images to metada, a.k.a "metadata mining". Due to this approach, the app ensures the highest privacy compliance and lowest data plan consumption.

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Driving with the app

It’s simple to set up the app. Once it is released, you can download the Driver& app on the Apple App Store, for iPhones, or on Google Play, for Android. Next, all you need to do is register with your email or through your Apple or Google account. Then just attach your phone to your preferred vehicle mount and press “Start Detecting.” It’s that easy.

NATIX Drive& Features

For your convenience, we are releasing the app with a dashcam feature that can record the last minutes of every trip — just in case of an accident. And to save battery life and prevent distractions, the app will darken your phone’s display. However, if you prefer to watch as our AI detects objects and road conditions, that is an option as well. In the future, expect more tools and features. Some of these will include a navigation tool that gives turn-by-turn instructions as you go, police speed trap alerts, and speed and radar details.

When you’ve finished your drive, just press the finished button, and you’re done. The app will display your total points for your drive, with a tally of issues detected and distance driven. Users will also have access to bonus points after their drive. The bonus points come through a lottery system that allows you to earn even more for your effort.

Join the NATIX Community early to earn more

Beyond the app’s regular earnings, early users of Drive& can earn even more with early bird daily bonus points.

You only need to register to earn an extra 10 bonus points per day that you are on the waitlist to download the app.

The extra rewards will help when converting your points into cryptocurrency or exchanging them for merchandise. In addition, early users will also have a special discount when exchanging their points for our NATIX cryptocurrency, or NTXT tokens, making your contributions go even further.

To be among the first to try the Drive& app and take advantage of all the app’s benefits and special early-bird bonuses, click on the link below to join the waitlist. And don’t forget to join our Telegram group so you can get the latest company updates and news.

**Register to get early access to the Drive& app here**